Derma Facials at Spa Serenity

Spa Serenity in Downtown Baraboo is excited to launch our newest line of Derma Facials at Spa Serenity ! Our Estheticians were looking for the next step for our facial clients who were looking for a more immediate result facial. This series of Derma Facials are designed for the client who is concerned about fine lines, sun damage, & other characteristics of aging Skin . Each of these facials require a pre service consult, this can be done in a previous service or before the Derma Facial Service. See the Derma Facials FAQ below.

Below we have outlined some of the benefits and popular questions, but please contact the Spa Serenity Front Desk and we can further assist you with booking any these of these services.

Derma Facials at Spa Serenity

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Who are these facials good for?
A: Both Dermafiling and Dermaplaning are good for anyone who is looking to reduce the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring.

Q: Who should not have these facials?
A: Women who are pregnant, anyone who used a retinoid or Accutane product on their skin and anyone who had extreme acne.

Q: Can I be exposed to the sun after these treatments?
A: It is best to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible for the 48 hours following a Derma facial.

Q: Can I put on makeup right away.
A: While applying makeup immediately after a Derma facial will not harm the skin, we always recommend to wait until the following day.

Q: Can I go back to work?
A: Absolutely. Your skin will have a healthy glow, but you will be able to resume your day as normal.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Not at all. The Dermafiling is just a bit more course than traditional exfoliants. Dermaplaning is actually quite relaxing, it sort of feels like a toothbrush running across your face.

Q: If I feel uncomfortable can we stop?
A: Of course! Just let your aesthetician know at any point if you become uncomfortable.

Q: Does this need to be done by a Doctor?
A: No. In the state of WI a licensed aesthetician or cosmetologist may perform these procedures if they have been certified to do so.

Q: Can I have these treatments done if I am pregnant?
A: No. Due to the peel that is performed in these treatments, we cannot do them on women who are expecting.

Q: What is the difference between Dermaplaning and shaving?
A: This procedure uses a surgical blade on taughtly stretched skin. Dermaplaning resurface skin on a much deeper and more effective level than shaving.

Q: Will I have: thicker hair, darker hair or stubble?
A: No, the hair will grow back just as soft as it was to begin with.

Q: Will my skin peel?
A: No. This service includes a peel to finish removing any dry or dead skin, so you will not peel in the days to come.

Q: Can I have this done if I have acne?
A: These services can be performed on someone with light acne. If you have a more severe case, we may not be able to perform the service because of the files or blades that are used. Our Aestheticians would love to be able to help you treat your problem areas and then perform these services when your skin has healed.

*A new, sterilized surgical blade is used for each client and properly disposed of after each use.
*Our Aestheticians wear non-latex gloves during the Dermaplaning process
*During the Dermaplaning process, it is imperative that the client be still and not talk. Prior to beginning the process we will determine a “signal” to be used should you need, to sneeze, move, cough, etc.
*NO moles, skin tags or other growths will be removed during the Dermaplaning process. Those areas will be avoided.

*A client may book the Dermafiling facial and then have the Dermaplaning facial done at any time.
*A client who has the Dermaplaning facial done may not have the Dermafiling done until 4 weeks later.
*A client who books the Combination Facial may or may not receive the entire service. We will determine if their skin can hand the combination during the consultation. Please make them aware of this.