CBD Services

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Spa Serenity has developed this dynamic benefit driven CBD Spa Service Menu with Lost Range CBD. These new services are a safe and legal way to heal the world through hemp and positive human touch. Lost Range CBD is great for pain management, anti-inflammatory, calming anxiety and so much more.

These Products Contain 0% THC as they are strictly a CBD Isolate. 

90 Minutes

Take your pain management and relaxation to the next level with a CBD Wellness Massage. Reduce Join Pain & Inflammation. Warm river stones combined with high potency CBD Oil stimulate circulation & muscle recovery. Finishes with Muscle & Joint Rub applied to specific areas for long lasting relief.

60 minutes

Promote circulation in your legs and feet with potent CBD Skin Salve paired with warm river stones. Leave with exfoliated, polished, and restored feet.

CBD Enhancements

Site Specific Pain Relief
Concentrated Spot Treatment for your Massage, Facial or Pedicure. The cooling/warming effect acts quickly & gives the deepest relief by stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation, & increasing muscle recovery.

  • Add both CBD Muscle & Joint rub & CBD Massage Oil for $40

Clear your mind & relieve tension in your Massage or Facial Service with our CBD Massage Oil. This oil is packed with an assortment of anti-inflammatory herbs that will assist in healing your body aches and pains. Each service yields about 100 MG of CBD Isolate.

  • Add both CBD Muscle & Joint rub & CBD Massage Oil for $40