Celebrate with Spa Serenity

Schedule your next Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party  Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Anniversary, Going Away Party… At Spa Serenity in Downtown Baraboo

Imagine celebrating you next milestone relaxing Spa Day in Spa Serenity’s Serenity Lounge surrounded by your favorite companions. All of your guests will float in and out of the Serenity Lounge, while relaxing between services your guests will be cuddled up in plush spa robes, nibbling on gourmet appetizers, and experiencing the Ultimate Serenity with your closest friends.

Spa Packages
Spa Packages for her | Spa Serenity

Thank you for your interest in a Spa Party with Spa Serenity, we are very excited to be able to offer Spa Parties as another feature of Spa Serenity’s Menu of Services.  Please note that these are only a few of our most popular options, Spa Serenity is willing to accommodate any other special requests and budgets. Again, Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving you.

Lacey Steffes
Owner of Spa Serenity

Bachelorette Party at Spa Serenity

Spa Day Guests

Spa Serenity is best designed to accommodate 5 or more guests. In the event you have more than 15 or more guests Spa Serenity will strive to accommodate all of your guests, please be aware our space is limited.

Please contact us in regards to bringing light snacks and beverage ( can include alcohol ) options. Spa Serenity will provide all plates, glasses and flatware for your event upon request.

How to Plan a Group Spa Day