Plan a day at Spa Serenity and explore Baraboo!

Things to do in Baraboo:

The staff of Spa Serenity would like to provide some more information about what this little treasure trove has to offer you and your group! Plan a day at Spa Serenity and explore Baraboo!

Cooking classes at Bekah Kate’s – who doesn’t want to eat before or after their Spa Day?
Bekah Kate’s is a Kitchen, Kids and Home store located in Historic Downtown Baraboo a few doors down from Spa Serenity. Bekah Kate’s has been in Downtown Baraboo since 2007 and is a must see. Below is a direct link to their current classes, but with enough advance notice, you and your group could do a Private Cooking Class!

Lunch or Distillery Tour on the Baraboo River at the Driftless Glen Distillery!
The Driftless Glen Distillery is a newer addition to Baraboo and is quickly making strides to becoming a Must See in our area. Our favorite part about the Glen’s menu is that they source most of their food locally and within just a few miles! During the warmer months a distillery tour and lunch/dinner in their outdoor dining area is a wonderful way to stay relaxed after your Spa Day. Below is a link to their tour information.

Hiking, kayaking, sun-bathing, picnicking, and general merriment at Devil’s Lake State Park – obviously.
This is a no-brainer. If you and your group are here for a long day, or weekend, you can not miss the natural beauty and fun that Devil’s Lake State Park has to offer. The East Bluff boasts several hiking trails ranging from beginner to more advanced, the West Bluff has one trail with some stellar views, Fallen Rocks Trail goes around the lake and is a beautiful walk, and North and South Shores both have snack chateaus and beaches to sun on (don’t forget your SPF!). They also have boat rentals to enjoy the beauty from the water. Below is a link to Devil’s Lake State Park’s “Friends of Devil’s Lake” website – don’t forget to buy a day pass or be prepared with a State Park Sticker!

If you are coming/going from/to the North:

Wine tasting at Baraboo Bluff Winery!
This beautiful bit of Baraboo is located about 7 miles away from Spa Serenity and the 2016 season starts on April 1st! Enjoy some live music as you soak up the beauty of the Baraboo Bluffs and sip on some delicious wine. Below is a link to Baraboo Bluff Winery’s homepage!

Beer tasting at Port Huron Brewing Company!
Port Huron isn’t located in Baraboo, but it is close by in the Wisconsin Dells. About 1 mile from the Downtown Dells. Enjoy some nice, cold beer accompanied by fresh-popped popcorn and pretzels in their Tap Room. You can even bring in your own lunch, dinner, snacks or order in! Below is a link to their homepage.

If you are coming/going to/from the South:

Wine tasting and a tour at Wollersheim Winery – can you tell we like wine yet?
Wollersheim Winery is perfectly located on a hillside overlooking the Wisconsin River in Prairie Du Sac and is oh-so-beautiful! It is one of the more popular wineries in the area and you can easily spend an entire afternoon there. Pack a lovely picnic, buy a bottle of Wollersheim wine and a brick of cheese from their gift shop, and fine a nice spot to eat lunch. Below is a link to their tours and tastings page.

All things apples at Ski Hi Apple Orchard!
Ski Hi Apple Orchard is actually located near Devil’s Lake’s South Shore, which is about 4 miles away from Downtown Baraboo. This is obviously seasonal, but very beautiful year round to just go and see! They bake pies, cider donuts, and turnovers, sell their Apple Cider, caramel apples and have a lovely gift shop/store front with a patio attached to enjoy the perfect late summer/early fall weather! Below is a link to their homepage.

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