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Waxing Services

Waxing 101

Pre- Wax

Hair growth needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long, similar to the length of long-grain rice

• Do not tan for 48 hours prior
• Exfoliate the day before appointment
• Allow a three-day window before and after menstruation
• Wear loose-fitting clothing to appointment

Post Wax

• Avoid sun exposure for 48 hours
• Avoid pool and hot tub for 24 hours
• Do not use a sauna or steam room for 48 hours
• Avoid excess sweating for 24 hours (to prevent ingrown hairs and bacteria)
• Exfoliate after 48 hours to help prevent ingrown hairs
• If ingrown hairs appear, soak in an Epsom salt bath; do not pick at affected area or hair

Types of Wax

This type of wax is applied in thick patches and removed without the use of cloth. The wax cools then hardens around hair.

Soft wax is the most well-known type. The product is used in conjunction with cloth to remove hair. It is the ideal option for removing hair on large areas like legs and arms.

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