Wellness Club FAQ

Q: Do my credits expire?

     A: Your credits will never expire. If you cannot come in for a few  months, your credits will still be on your profile ready to use when you are ready!

Q: Can I cancel/place a hold on my membership?

     A: Definitely!  If you wish to place a hold on your membership, you can place it on hold once every year for a 3 month period. You are also able to cancel our membership at any time, we would just need a 20 days notice before your term is up. 

Q: Can I share my credits?

     A: You are unable to share your credits as they are only valid for your appointments. 

Q: How Often am I charged for the membership? 

     A: You are charged once a month either on the 1st or the 15th.

Q: Can I use my credits on other massage services? 

     A: You can use your credits on other massages; there would just be an upgrade fee that varies depending on what massage you choose.


Q: How much does it cost to sign up? 

     A: It only costs $189 a year to be a part of our VIP club!

Q: Can I share my benefits with friends and family?

     A: Absolutely! Upon signing up you will receive 4  single use family and friends cards that allow your family and friends to get 20% off of all services and retail when they come in! Each card is only valid for one person and must be presented to the front desk upon checkout. 

Q: What is all included with my VIP membership?

     A: Each VIP receives 20% off of all services and retail as well as a gift upon purchase. This gift includes 4 single-use VIP family and friends cards that you can share with your loved ones as well as a $20 spa card that you can use on any retail purchase. 

Q: When does it expire?

     A: Your membership expired exactly one year after purchase.

Example : purchased- Oct 12,2022: Exp Oct 12,2023.

Q: Can I use my VIP with other discounts in the store?

     A: We are unable to apply both your VIP discount with other discounts. You are able to choose which discount you would like to use in order to get you the best deal possible.