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In the Spa Serenity Boutique, we have the great privilege and honor to sell products produced by so many amazing women owned businesses. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In celebration of International Women’s Month, we will be sharing more about these talented women, things you didn’t know about them, and taking you behind-the-scenes and into the studio of a few of these makers.
Keep an eye out on social for some very fun reels, check out our Spa Serenity Women Owned Businesses Blog to read more, AND next time you’re in the store you can see for yourself why these amazing women owned businesses have a featured spot in our Boutique in Downtown Baraboo, WI
Cheers to women supporting women and the amazing work we do in this world!

Chez Gagné

Located in Los Angeles, California, Chez Gagné letterpress was Founded in 2014 by Alex Gagné.

As a creative outlet from her job as a marketing director for an it company, Alex started taking night classes to learn the art of letterpress printing. After finding success designing and printing wedding invitations and cards for friends, family and then friends of friends, Chez Gagné became a full-time venture.

Today, Chez Gagné sells hilarious yet inspirational gold foil mugs, drinkware, candles, wine & spirit tags, cocktail paper clips and obviously greeting cards to more than 3500 independent boutiques in the US and Canada!

In 2020, our drinkware sales skyrocketed as people around the world started to drink and swear like never before. Plus, we obviously had to add a hilarious line of hand sanitizer to our line, because you know… alcohol.

Cival Collective

CIVAL is an eclectic jewelry design company, studio space and boutique. Their designs are conceived and created by hand in their cozy studio in Milwaukee, WI. Made with purpose, evoking a strong sense of self expression and creative awareness—making striking, durable designs that bring with them a stroke of confidence. Cival Collective isn’t just a fashion collection, it is a commitment to a way of creating that speaks to longevity. Nothing happens fast in handmade jewelry, so every piece must be made with intention. We are equally as committed to the process as we are to the final product.  Rae brings together a team of women with backgrounds in art, fashion and retail, who are bold and collaborative. Their process serves as a demonstration of what’s possible when we each love, respect, and encourage each other’s talents. The brand and its designs hold unexpected personality born out of instinct, strength, craftsmanship and the collaborative spirit.


On her journey to the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg became known among some of her male colleagues as “Bitch.” When she found out, she responded: “Better a bitch than a mouse.”

Our line of cruelty-free lip and body balms are backed by a mission: To awaken people to their self-worth, and to encourage them to live boldly and courageously. We do this in two ways:

  1. By putting “BITCH” in the name of a product that soothes and restores. We’re appropriating a word that has historically been used to inflict shame, and attaching it to an agent of restoration.
  2. By putting our money where our mouth is. BITCHSTIX donates to retailer-nominated nonprofit organizations that support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

BITCHSTIX is more than just a balm. It’s a call to action to transform a “bad” word into a force for good. It’s a one-of-a-kind product that seeks to inspire, empower, and change lives for the better.

Girl w/ Knife

Girl w/ Knife, your new BFF in paper goods and home decor, is the creative vision of artist Elicia Castaldi.

After its December 2018 launch, Girl w/ Knife has quickly exploded and is now carried in thousands of stores across the US and worldwide. Elicia was named one of the “10 Designers To Watch in 2020” by Stationery Trends. She has won 7 *Noted Awards by the Greeting Card Association and won her first prestigious Louie Award in 2021. In 2022 Elicia received 4 Louie nominations including both Writer of the Year and Artist of the Year, and won the latter. Girl w/ Knife has been featured in WHAT Women Create, NY Mag, LA Business Journal, Palm Springs Life, Reserved Mag, Stationery Trends, HGTV, BuzzFeed, LA Mag and more.

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Elicia began her career in New York City as a fashion art director and illustrator. Girl w/ Knife combines Elicia’s paper lust with her love of fashion, travel, a good laugh and anything the color of rosé. As a collage artist, paper has always been Elicia’s first love. Her illustrations are a mixture of painted, cut paper and digital elements, with the creative process ever-supervised by her fierce white cat. Quite literally, there’s always an X-acto knife within arm’s reach, thus “Girl w/ Knife”.

Our products are feminine, authentic, unapologetic, and just might break your most stoic RBF. We believe in a life lived glamorously, with reckless abandon, in six inch stilettos.

Big Heart Tea

Big Heart Tea Co.  founded by Lisa Govro, is a midwest-based, woman-owned tea company on a covert mission to make people feel good through healing herbs. We’re scrappy spice millers, herb blenders, tea crafters, chai brewers, and magic makers. We dig connecting people to plants and to the concept of food as medicine – while making it taste really, really good.


Big Heart Tea Co. is committed to sourcing herbs and tea that are grown, processed, and traded with respect to human time, energy, and well-being. Human respect and dignity lead to a higher quality product for you, as well as a higher quality of life for the producers. That means:

– Farm workers (a majority of whom are women) are paid a fair wage, and are protected against harmful agricultural practices (like toxic herbicides and pesticides).
– Farmers, producers, importers, and buyers are all equally included in trade negotiations.
– Big Heart Tea Co. is committed to being fully transparent with its customers as we grow, and we’re leaning in hard to support women at all levels.


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