Spring Break Essentials at Spa Serenity!

Spring Break is almost here! Are you planning a Vacation or Staycation? Whats a Staycation, you ask? Simply put, a staycation is a vacation where you stay at home! For some that means staying in and enjoying their local area during their vacation time, but for most, a staycation includes trips in and around your home town area could even include overnight stays! Whether you are jet setting to the tropics or for a beachy girls trip or planning a stress free staycation; Spa Serenity has you covered.

Our Spa Serenity team has thoughtfully selected the best brands to kick off your Spring Break. Our Spring selections include items from FarmHouse Fresh Body Care, Big Heart Tea Co, Touchland hand sanitizers and Self care Journals and much more!

Spa Serenity Boutique is open for shopping 7 days a week in Downtown Baraboo.

Here you can explore all the things you may want for your Spring break Vacation or Staycation!

Be the Friend who brings the Matcha!

matcha tea mix spa serenity

So we know green tea is good for you. Well, matcha is green tea, but like, times ten.

No, really — when you drink a serving of matcha, it’s got the nutrition of ten cups of green tea and almost 140x the antioxidants. That’s because you aren’t just drinking an infusion of green tea leaves. You’re consuming the entire leaf, powdered.

Matcha is also mega-packed with chlorophyll, which is why it’s such an enticing spring green. Straight sun power in a cup, babes. Studies have also found that it’s a prebiotic, creating a great environment for your insides.

And the vitamins and minerals in this drink are beyond awesome, especially if you’re looking for the rarer stuff. You’ll get all your immunity-boosting polyphenols, selenium, and L-theanine in one cup (and it’s safer to get these babes from a cup of tea, rather than an extract or supplement).

Turn up the Music on Spring Break!

Ellie Rose Air Pod Cases! Protect your Apple air pods with colorful cases! Sturdy yet flexible case protects Apple AirPods from daily bumps, drops, and scratches. This slim fit case made of high quality TPU gives you the perfect grip. This 2-piece case comes with a gold ring that attaches to your purse, keys, or gym bag for on-the-go convenience. Never misplace your ‘pods again! Charging is a breeze with easy access to the lightning port. Wireless charging? No problem, the case is compatible with most wireless chargers so you can leave the case on while powering up. The influencer-inspired design keeps you on-trend and on point. Turn up the volume on style and protection!

Tye dye hats joy susan clutch air pod case and touchland

Staycation Essentials… especially in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is still in an Ice Age state of mind! Which means Cute tie dye beanies are a staple accessory. We have a variety of fun colors to match every occasion. With this bundle you need a Joy Susan Clutch! They are the perfect size purse for exploring your neighboring towns or taking out on a date night.

If you are planning a Staycation around Baraboo WI then that needs to include a Facial in Spa Serenity’s Pause Facial Bar. Pause Facial Bar is the best place to get express skincare with immediate results. Try our Oxygenating Trio Facial. Instantly glowing with zero downtime.

Self Care Spring Break Essentials

Everyone needs the Clementine Body Oil from FarmHouse Fresh. A refreshing dreamsicle of ripe clementine oranges and a hint of cream will absolutely lift your spirits! This beautiful vitamin-rich body oil is one of our most gifted products. It’s universally loved by men and women for a scent that is not too sweet, and a light non-greasy feel. It quickly becomes a daily favorite.

Shower Steamers transform any shower into an aromatherapy spa. Simply place one the floor of the shower out of the direct stream of the water and breathe in the soothing scents.

Pack a couple face masks on your next girls trip! Hydrate and nourish your skin with the girls while recapping all the spring break shenanigans.

shower steamers, face masks and farmhouse fresh body oil
spa serenity body waxing

Whether you want silky smooth legs for spring break or a full body wax for a special event, Spa Serenity is your place for all your waxing needs and your comfortability is our top priority. Spa Serenity offer’s a Goddess Waxing Package and you can also book your service based on your specific waxing needs.


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