Renee Baszl

Spa Serenity Day Spa team

“Great when I meet my guest and they say “I have been looking forward to this massage all day” How can I not love what I Do. “ Renee

Originally from Milwaukee, Renee has been a massage Therapist for 17 years. Whether you just want to “Bliss out” or get that pesky knot worked out. Renee enjoys working on everyone, from “First Timers” to “Seasoned Veterans”.

Why did you become a Massage Therapist and when?

Because when I was younger, I was very good at rubbing people the wrong way and decided to learn to do it the right way!

Describe your massage

Mixed bag of sports; therapeutic and deep techniques to give an all around decent mix.

What is your favorite Farm House Fresh product?

Fluffy Bunny

What is your favorite service or service enhancement?

No favorites, I like them all.