Foot Reflexology

What is Reflexology and why do I need it in my life? Relaxing away stress, anxiety, pain, and fatigue through our feet.

Reflexology is the ancient study of the map of the foot and coordinates with different zones or reflexes in the body. Did you know there is a point on your foot that is aligned with every part of your body? Yup! There is research and evidence-based care that shows reflexology impacts specific organs, improves symptoms, helps reduce pain and anxiety and induces and increases relaxation.

Reflexology Training

The staff at Spa Serenity has been eager to learn a new modality for relaxation and healing so they contacted Jeffery Montoya, the AMTA Chapter President of Wisconsin and the Massage Therapy Lead, for the Aveda Institute, in Milwaukee. Jeffery came in for a full day of training and he and the staff worked magic. Sharing theory and a lot of hands-on training, Jeffery helped the staff ‘beef-up’ the already incredible bag of tools they use for healing and relaxation.

Spa Serenity’s staff is excited to share its’ reflexology knowledge and skills with clients. We have created a service that includes a 45 min. reflexology sequence paired with warm towels and essential oils to take guests into deep relaxation. Book your Reflexology Service or enhance any of our 60 or 90 min Massage Services with a tailored reflexology sequence.

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