Positive Resolution Reward

Help for when the cheerleaders go home!

So here we are…the start of a new year, a new decade, time to create Positive Resolution Reward

We have set our goals and those of us who are going to be successful have:

Becoming UnBusy,  it’s a Movement

#1. Changed our consciousness. We have looked inside, we have identified what needs changing, we have done “the work”! Check.

#2. We have an accountability structure to help us sustain change. We have recognized we cannot reach our goal by our “lonesome” and have surrounded ourselves with our own cheerleading tribe! Check.

#3. We have defined barriers real and imagined. We know we are worthy of success, we recognize we are not selfish for wanting different than before, we understand that change does not bring greater burdens-things will just be different, and that is OK! Check

We Are Ready!

…but what happens when the New Year’s cheerleaders go home, take a nap, or go on vacation? What can we reward ourselves with after the positive FB meme’s supporting our new year’s resolutions are gone? What can we do when the “collective we” gives up, and the individual “me” needs a boost? We have defined reasonable goals. We have faith in our abilities. We’re a month into the new year and the ‘sparkle’ of our resolution may be a little dull.

We need a little motivation, a reward, a treat, an incentive that is important specifically to “us” the proverbial “carrot” but we don’t want it to affect our waistlines.

  1. Take a hot bath-soothe your mind and your soul.
  2. Turn off your cell phone for an hour-just try it.
  3. Take a spa day-get a massage, get a manicure, pedicure, or facial.
  4. Have a movie marathon-solo or with your pals.
  5. Put clean sheets on your bed-feels so good.
  6. Plan a party to celebrate your milestones-small or large.
  7. Listen to your favorite music-get your groove on.
  8. Take the long way home-drive thru a different neighborhood, forest preserve or past a favoritebuilding.
  9. Buy yourself that special something-it doesn’t have to be an expensive treat, but do the work first.
  10. Watch a movie at the theater-go solo or with a friend.
  11. Take a walk or a bike ride, spend some extra time at the gym-clear your head.
  12. Take a nap-we all know what a luxury a nap can be, and it’s not just for “cheerlearders”. 😉

Understanding what motivates us is a great tool in helping us achieve sustained progress.

What is your secret motivator?

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