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Lacey Steffes Spa Serenity Day Spa

Lacey Steffes is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for being on the cutting edge of Fun and a strong sense of community in everything she does. She opened Spa Serenity in 2006 at the age of of 26 after being brought into the spa industry by her previous position at a destination spa. Lacey had always had an interest in Massage and the power of positive healing touch, physically and emotionally.

Lacey has served as the business of Spa Serenity’s guiding star and a touch point for the entire Spa Serenity team over the years.

Growing from a young woman entrepreneur to a more experienced business woman has been quite the journey, a journey that she has shared with her teammates over the years to inspire and grow her team professionally and personally.

Spa Serenity often receives praise from guests on the quality of our team and the services they provide as well as their individual attention to each guests.

Lacey wanted to create a space where guests and team felt welcome and accepted. A place where guests are welcome to receive body work and other personal care services to improve their health and wellness and where team members feel accepted and supported.

Spa Serenity is just one of Lacey’s business projects. She has been a huge contributor to Downtown Baraboo Inc over the years, she created Greatest Place on Earth Brand in 2016, opened Pause Facial Bar in July of 2021, & co-operated Gateway Powersports with her husband Steve and their children.

“A rising tide, lifts all ships”

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