At Spa Serenity, we proudly carry a line of skin care products called Farmhouse Fresh.

Not only do their products smell phenomenal, have a reasonable price point, and are made in the USA (yes, you read that right – brought to you from Texas!); but they are actually GOOD for your skin!

Farmhouse Fresh prides themselves on using 90% or more natural ingredients and they do NOT test on animals – in fact, they have a corporate ranch and they are all animal rescuers. Is this company incredible, or what?

On every label, tag, or box on every product, you will find these 3 things:

  • The percentage of ingredients that are natural, or naturally derived. No product is less than 90% natural!
  • Paraben & Sulfate free – every product!
  • And whether the product is Vegan or Gluten Free. 99% of FHF’s products are either Vegan or Gluten Free, and they have many that are both. They are very strict with their use of the word “Vegan” – literally no animal derived ingredient is considered Vegan to these fine folks.

Currently, we do have a couple of their summer scents for 20% off and are always fully loaded with many others. We also feature these products in many of our services!

Of our newest services/enhancements:

  • Healing Greens Wrap
  • Revitalizing Leg and Foot Experience

Of our tried and true services/enhancements:

  • The Ultimate Serenity
  • Fancy Feet Pedicure
  • Foot Fetish Pedicure
  • Pedicure On The Run
  • A Night Out Body Scrub
  • Seasonal Farmhouse Fresh Leg or Back Treatment (enhancement, scents change seasonally. Current delicious products: One Fine Day Body/Face Polish, Splendid Dirt Masque, and Back Country Caramel Shea Body Milk)

If you were looking for a reference guide, take a peek at the table that goes with this blog post (click to be directed to FHF’s page and click on image to enlarge) and be sure to come down to Spa Serenity to test drive some of our favorite products!