Date Night Couples Massage

For any of our couples looking to go the extra mile and truly make a date of it, we would be happy to share some of our staff favorites. Many of these places are within walking distance of Spa Serenity and have very similar hours; however, it is always good to double check their information – follow the links!

spa day couples massage

Learn a new date night recipe at one of Bekah Kate’s Cooking Classes!
What is more romantic than taking a cooking class together after visiting Spa Serenity? Yeah, we can’t think of much else, either. Bonus: you and your partner will now be able to take that recipe and cooking knowledge home with you to surprise each other with a romantic dinner for two!
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Taste a new wine at Con Amici Wine Bar… and yes, get some cheese with that wine!
Con Amici is the charming little wine bar almost directly across the street from Spa Serenity. So go ahead, order a flight of fun new wines to taste and have them pair it with some nice bread, cheese, and oil for you. You can even enjoy their new outdoor patio seating during the warmer weather. The bar is also stocked with craft beer and some other goodies for those of you who aren’t the total wineaux!
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Dive into dinner at Little Village Cafe – a true local favorite!
If you aren’t from the Baraboo area, than you really can’t appreciate what a staple Little Village Cafe is. You must stop for lunch or dinner, and even go the extra mile and grab one of their homemade desserts! Little Village Cafe is a charming little restaurant with some outdoor seating during the warmer weather, a great bar, and even better food. If you are in the area on a Tuesday evening, be sure to stop in for their Tapas Tuesdays for some specials on appetizers and drinks.
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Speaking of food, the Driftless Glen Distillery is just down the road on the Baraboo River!
The Driftless Glen Distillery is sort of the new kid on the block, but is quickly making strides to becoming a Must See in our area. Our favorite part about the Glen’s menu is that they source most of their food locally and within just a few miles! During the warmer months a distillery tour and lunch/dinner in their outdoor dining area is a wonderful way to stay relaxed and connected after your Spa Day.
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Sit outside, listen to live music, and sip on some locally made wine at Baraboo Bluff Winery!
This beautiful bit of Baraboo is located about 7 miles away from Spa Serenity and the 2016 season started on April 1st! Enjoy some live music as you soak up the beauty of the surrounding Baraboo Bluffs and sample some delicious, locally made wine. The romance will, I’m sure, be in full swing after enjoying a massage at Spa Serenity.
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To find out more information about our Couples’ Services, please visit our Couple’s Massage page! Never hesitate to call us at (608) 356-4727 to get more information.