Spa Serenity Summer Skin Care Event

Aloha Skin Care Event at Spa Serenity and Pause Facial Bar is a celebration of natural and sustainable beauty products and practices. This celebration is designed to educate and inspire guests to take better care of their skin using quality skincare products that give you the most desirable results.

During our Aloha Skin Care event, guests had have the opportunity to learn from our highly trained estheticians in the field of skin care, heath and beauty, and enjoy delicious healthy appetizers and craft cocktails. Guests will also have access to a variety of demonstrations featuring sustainable beauty products and showcasing innovative Skin care techniques and services from Eminence Skin Care, PCA Skin Care, Farmhouse Fresh.

The Aloha Skin Care Event offered a range of activities aimed at promoting self-care and wellness. 

Guests learned sustainable beauty products, new techniques for achieving healthier skin, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

The Aloha Skin Care Event was perfect for anyone looking to improve their skin health while celebrating with a toast of delish cocktails, gourmet appetizers and a few sweet treats. 

The sweet tastes of summer with this one of a kind Aloha Skin Care Soiree at Spa Serenity & Pause Facial Bar in Baraboo.

Spa Serenity and Pause Facial Bar in Downtown Baraboo have teamed up with some of our favorite in house brands to curate a Skin Care Event that is not to be missed!

Skin Care Brands |

-Eminence Skin Care

-PCA Skin Care

-Lost Range

-Farm House Fresh Body Care

Eats & Drinks |

-Withco Cocktail Drink Mix

-C2 Juicery

-Sugar Cookie Mama

– Sweet Surprises

And Live music by Dennis from Swing Crew


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