The Year of Self Care

Choose You

Look at you! You made it through 2021! If you’ve found yourself here then you must prioritize self-care or at least want to start in the New Year!

Let’s make it a goal to value personal relationships more than ever before. Be kind to yourself and give that kindness to others more freely and without keeping score. My mantra for the New Year is Think Positive! I’m applying this to all aspects in my life; Work, health, friendships and goal setting.

Exploring new facets of curiosity, artistry, self-care and expression. Whether you plan to completely reinvent yourself or just stay in a positive place we support all the chapters in your story!

This is the year that you choose you.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

What does self-care look like to you? Is it booking a spa day or getting your hair done. Honoring your emotions in an authentic way? Or is it as simple as making your bed everyday? Self-care looks different on everybody. There is no perfect way to practice self-care. It’s up to you to find the things that are well with your soul. Be thoughtful of what fuels you?

Taking time for yourself to practice self-care is non-negotiable this year. I’m NOT talking about grocery shopping alone while someone watches the kids. I’m talking about real moments in your day that are for you. Then you can be present to your fullest capacity afterwards.

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Self-Care Resolutions to try out this year.

  • Prioritize skin care. Start with doing face mask at home once a week and moisturizing your body after showering.
  • Drink your water.
  • Exercise and move your body in ways that feel good. Not with the intention to change it, but because you are thankful for all that your body does for you.

Self Care for Beginners

Taking time for self-care should not be overwhelming. Try out some of these activities and practices and check in with yourself about what’s serving you and what’s not.

Create a morning routine you can live with…

  • Start with 5 minutes of meditation before you touch your phone.
  • Stretch and bring awareness to all the areas of your body.
  • Make your bed and wash your face.

Find a mantra or affirmation that suits your life right now and repeat it to yourself out loud daily. Your brain is powerful and could use some positivity. Feel free to steal my favorites…

  • I am safe, calm and enough.
  • Trust in the timing of my life.
  • I am a badass. (sometimes you need to remind yourself)

Journaling! Even if it’s in a bullet format, get your ideas out. Release all the things you have been carrying for the simple reason that they are heavy. Here are a couple journal prompts to get started…

  • If I could talk to my teenage self, the one thing I would say is?
  • Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to?
  • What is one thing that you’d like to be different by this time next year?

Consider keeping a gratitude journal. Each day jot down what you are grateful for. Family, health, even the beautiful weather… there is always something to be grateful for.

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Plan on it!

My biggest piece of advice for cultivating happiness in your life is always have two things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks/months. Always two things… just in case one of those plans falls through. You still have something on the horizon to keep you hungry for happiness. Think romantic weekend getaways, concerts, girls trips, exploring nature, movie night with all the snacks. Big or small there is always something to be excited for.

One of my goals this year is to date myself once a month. It sounds strange, but pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone gives me life! I want to go see the sappy rom-coms, take an art class, learn calligraphy on my own. Don’t wait for others to tell you, “treat your self.” This year we unapologetically spoil ourselves.

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