Reconnect this Valentines Day

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Is Your Valentine’s Day Connection Broken? Here’s a list of some non-traditional ways to reconnect or connect with your partner, or yourself on Valentine’s Day?

Some of you may have this romance thing down, the candles, the card, the wine, the roses, the music, the dinner, the movie, the chocolate, hired the babysitter, the waxing, the shaving, and the lingerie are ready-wink wink, you’ve got it covered. Good for you, but the rest of us slugs need some serious help. We are working late, the children have been sick, we’re over budget, the car needs new tires, our shifts are opposite, we need hair cuts, the trunk is full of groceries, and we’re just plain tired. Now what do we do?

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Traditional Romance

True confession I’m not what most people would consider “traditionally romantic” and as a result “VD” has not always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, but love doesn’t have to be all hearts and flowers to express how you feel about yourself or your partner.

VD is as much about connection with your partner or yourself for that matter as it is about hearts and flowers. Have you seen the meme that suggests your partner doing the dishes or running the vacuum would be considered foreplay? Guess what? It is. Someone was thinking about you, trying to make a part of your life easier, better. What are a few things you could do that don’t fall under the category of traditional romance but might make VD special? Here are a few suggestions:

Reconnect with someone special this Valentines Day

1. Send your partner a hand written note. It could be to thank them for things they do so you don’t have to, like paying the insurance, or the property taxes, registering the vehicles, all that dull stuff that has to be done, Or an apology note for all the stupid things you’ve done in the last 12 mo. Perhaps you forgot to pay the taxes, register the vehicle or pay your insurance. Maybe you forgot an anniversary or a birthday? You forgot to pick the children up from school or daycare…that might have put you in the doghouse.

2. Read a sexy book together. Reading out loud to each other can be a really sweet gesture. Maybe your idea of sexy is a cookbook, or an article out of Popular Mechanics, be a good and patient listener if it’s not your thing.

3. Spend some time together with no devices and your work has been put away. How can you connect with each other when you are connecting instead with everyone else. Be present.

4. Spa together, get a massage, book a manicure or pedicure together.

5. Go to bed early and watch a rom-com together. Throw popcorn at the screen if it’s bad, or better yet turn it off and have a reason to change the sheets.

6. Layout your partners favorite outfit, or work uniform, or the children’s school clothes complete with shoes and socks

7. Do your partners “least favorite” task, the dishes, the laundry, schedule an oil change or a tire rotation, cook a favorite meal, or order in some favorite take out if you’re not a cook. Take the dog to the vet, or the children into the Dr. for their shots or a check-up. Clean out the refrigerator, the oven, the garage, the basement, or under the sink. Go visit their mother.

8. Go for a walk and hold hands. Don’t forget to take the dog and the children, or, leave them at home and spend some quiet time together.

9. Reminisce about your best and worse days, talk to each other about the how’s, the why’s, the who and the when.

10. Make a list about the things you love and like about each other, things that drive you crazy-in a good way. 11. How about a gift certificate to their favorite boutique, spa or meat market?

Many of these suggestions involve communication, and suggest kindness, which are both keys to successful marriages, partnerships, and lives. How will you be kindly communicating on VD?

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