Exploring Devil’s Lake

Exploring Devil’s Lake and expanding our mindfulness and team working skills with the ladies of Spa Serenity. Every spring the ladies of Spa Serenity closed the doors of Spa Serenity for a day for personal and professional growth. On a cool day in mid May we locked up the spa to make the trek to one of everyone’s favorite spots, Devil’s Lake State Park. Our plan was to Camp in Quartzite Campground with some cool digs from our friends at Camp Yard, Sunrise Yoga on the Beach, team paddle boat races followed by a picnic lunch and a hike, but mother natures had otherĀ  things in store for us and we made the best of our day!

Ladies Night at Willowood

The Ladies of Spa Serenity have always talked about a all staff campout, a real girl scout night! When we were planning the 2019 Spa Serenity Staff outing we decided that this was the year we would camp at Devil’s Lake Sate Park, but we didn’t want just any camping! We were going to go glamping, Spa Girl Style! We called our friends from Camp Yard ( they hooked us up for the 2018 Fall Baraboo Night Market )in Madison to hook us up with a unique experience. Unfortunately Mother Nature had something else up her sleeve, with the forecast of 40 degrees and rain we had to jump to plan “B”.

Our New Friends at Willowood InnĀ  ( Just outside Devil’s Lake North Shore entrance) were happy to host our overnight retreat ( Click Here for a Full Blog on Willowood InnClick Here for a Full Blog on Willowood Inn). The rooms were clean and comfortable, with each room having a unique theme. We enjoyed all of the adventure of camping and the comforts or Grandma’s House. We built a campfire, roasted marshmallows, pillow fights and group games, it was a wonderful evening.

Willowood Inn Spa Serenity Staff Retreat
Yoga at Devils Lake State Park

Yoga on North Shore

We wanted to start our day out with team yoga to connect to our spiritual side. Spa Serenity is lucky enough to have Julia a yoga instructor on staff, Julia led the entire Spa Serenity Team through a basis yoga session on the North Shore of Devil’s Lake on this chilly and peaceful morning.

Team Building Canoe Races a Devil’s Lake State Park

The Staff outing planners had organized for a paddle boat race on the North Shore of Devil’s Lake, however the high water has prevented the Devil’s Lake Staff from installing the piers and getting the paddle boats in the water yet. Once again the ever flexible ladies of Spa Serenity changed gears and suited up for a themed canoe race! The ladies gathered in to their teams and dressed in their festive best and they were OFF! First headed to the shore of west bluff to collect and inflatable clown and then to Dog Beach for fun noodles and finally back to the North Shore Chalet to the finish line.

First Across the Finish Line… Becky and Deanna!

Devils Lake Boat Rentals
Rent a Boat at Devils Lake