CBD Massage at Spa Serenity

It’s not news to anyone that CBD is all the rage right now. Yes, CBD is legal. CBD is a natural occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s non-psychoactive, and non-addicting. Another active ingredient in the Cannabis plant that is well known is THC, which is not yet legal here in Wisconsin for medical or recreational purposes. This is the compound that causes a high, or intoxicating feeling

CBD Massage at Spa Serenity
CBD Massage at Spa Serenity

CBD Enhancement for Massage Facials and Nail Services

There are many ways to get your recommended dose of CBD. Spa Serenity is focusing on CBD transferred through the skin with massage.

The effects from the topical can be focused where they are needed most instead of you having to wait for the cannabinoids to travel throughout your body. After they’ve been absorbed through the skin, CBD and other trace cannabinoids found in hemp oil interact with nearby cannabinoid receptors of your endocannabinoid system, a regulatory network that keeps many of your functions in balance.

Spa Serenity partnership with The Grainery

We have teamed up with The Grainery and found the best product to use in our treatment rooms. We have chosen a Hot freeze Salve with Inessents Salvation. This product has a high potency of CBD Extract (Between 130-170mgs), combined with Organic Essential oils to create that “Icey hot” feeling on the skin.

A large portion of Spa Serenity’s clients come in on a regular basis for pain management. We wanted to be able to take those clients to a higher level of pain relief while introducing them to CBD.

Stay tuned for more information, videos and testimonials.