Winter Vacation Spa Check List

///Winter Vacation Spa Check List

Winter Vacation Spa Check List

Winter Vacation Spa Check List

Are you escaping the Wisconsin Winter to the Warm Weather soon? You have your ticket, you have stalked your resorts Recent Snap Chats and now Book Your Spa Appointments

Winter Vacation Spa Check List

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure is a must before you head out. The most popular combination of services before a vacation is a Shellac Manicure and a Fancy Feet Pedicure.  The most popular colors have been… Lobster roll. Tutti fruitti. Desert poppy.

Make sure to grab a bottle of your polish color before you check out for touch-ups while you are on vacation.

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Derma Facial to look your best on the beach! A few things you should know about the Dermaplaning and Dermafiling Facials and Sun exposure. With dermaplaning and dermafiling I would recommend at least a week before and remember the sunscreen while you are there so those sun spots don’t pop through, or come back darker!

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Fresh Hair

New Hair is a must for a vacation, not one wants to look at your roots in those vacation pics.

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Winter Vacation Spa Check List


No one should skip the pre-vacation Leg Wax, Bikini Wax ( or Brazilian Wax) and Underarm Wax. Worry-Free legs and bikini lines for your whole vacation. Plan your waxing appointment 2-3 day prior to your departure if you have done Body Waxing previously. If you are a new Waxing client you may want to have a wax 4-6 weeks previous to your vacation just to make sure you do not have any adverse reactions to this hair removal process.

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Essential Clutches at Spa Serenity

Final purchase in the Spa Serenity Boutique, the must have Spa Serenity Clutches. We are stocked up in all the best tropical colors for vacation and Spring.
Massage is a Pre-and post vacation MUST. While Traveling remember to drink Lots of Safe water and stretch those over used muscles, especially Neck, Low Back, Glutes and Feet! ( Tip Courtesy of Whitney)
Call Spa Serenity and get all of your Pre- Vacation Spa appointments on the books.
Are you traveling with a group? Plan a pre – Vacation Spa Day with your group. Ask the Ladies at the Spa Serenity Front Desk about the Spa Serenity VIP Club and if you would benefit.
Bon Voyage! Post Pics for us!

Recommended Post Vacation Spa Services

Recommended Post Vacation Spa Services
After being a Sun goddess ( hopefully with SPF) You may need some exfoliation and hydration when you return home. Book a Hydrating Greens Wrap or grab the Farmhouse Fresh Coconut Shea Body Scrub and the Honey Heel Glaze to exfoliate at home. ( Tip Courtesy of Jennifer the Massage Therapist)

Check out the New Dermafacial series. Buy 3, get 1 free!

DermaFacial at Spa Serenity
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