New Talent at Spa Serenity

//New Talent at Spa Serenity

New Talent at Spa Serenity

New Talent at Spa Serenity

Spa Serenity has the privilege to announce 2 new Massage Therapists to the Spa Serenity Family!

Kaitlyn Colling | Massage Therapist

Kaitlyn Colling | Massage Therapist

Welcome, Kaitlynn, to the Spa Serenity family!

Kaitlynn believes in the balance between healing and relaxation in a massage. She incorporates specific techniques to keep you relaxed during her Therapeutic massages. This girl is sure to make you fall asleep!

Kaitlyn will be at Spa Serenity Thursday to Monday every week, call today and Request Kaitlyn for a Massage.

Meg Kramen | Massage Therapist

Meg Kranmen | Massage Therapist

Megg has been practicing Massage Therapy for 17 years! She says she “believes in the body’s ability to heal itself when cared for properly” and specializes in Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Hot Stone massages!

Meg will be at Spa Serenity Wednesday to Saturday, call and book your massage appointment with Meg Today.

Spa Serenity is so blessed to have such GREAT staff ! Watch for more updates on one more possible Massage Therapist, maybe a blast from the past! We are also actively hiring for a full time Cosmetologist or Nail Technician /Aesthetician to do natural nail services and Skin Care. if you know of anyone looking please have them send a Resume to

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